Privacy Policy

Your personal data deserves safekeeping. That’s the reason why every kind of data that’s shared here on is safe and protected.

This website does not practice data sharing at all. It does not make any kind of data available to the public.

It is also worth noting that does not sell or exchange data with other websites or companies. This Privacy Policy states clearly how your personal information is protected here.

A Non-Membership Website

You are on a website that requires no membership at all. There’s no need for you to sign up to gain access to

The fact that you’re not sharing any kind of information to access this website does not necessarily mean that you are incognito. No matter what you do to the settings of your computer, you cannot totally conceal your digital footprint. Truth be told, your IP address will always be visible.

The IP address of the computer or gadget you are using is always visible online. That is immediately captured by any website you visit.

A Standard Practice

All websites make use of cookies. That is a standard online practice. It’s one good way for websites to provide a more personalized interface to their visitors.

The cookies collect and store information about your navigational habits. When these cookies are on, they automatically trace and track down your digital activities on your computer.

For example, the data stored in the cookies of your computer are able to link you to other websites that may interest you. So when you visit a website, what you see on your screen has already been tweaked according to the information provided by the cookies.

The data that’s collected and stored by the cookies are vital to website owners. From all that data, website owners are able to customize and tweak their websites according to your own needs.

Hence, you don’t really have to do much to share a lot about yourself. The cookies, alone, can reveal a lot about your surfing habits. Although the use of cookies is a standard online practice, you still have the right to privacy. You can turn them off in the settings of your computer.

Other Personal Data Collected Here

Although this website does not require you to sign up as a member, personal data such as your email address and name will automatically be shared onsite as well. When you post a comment, you would have to give your name and email address. Although they will never be shared publicly, it’s important that you know that such personal data of yours remains confidential.

Avoid Compromising Your Own Privacy

You are responsible for protecting your own privacy. Avoid compromising your own privacy by violating the Terms and Conditions of this website. If you do end up violating it, your personal data collected onsite will be turned over to the proper authorities.

Keep yourself updated with the changes on this website by reading this Privacy Policy from time to time. All the changes on this website will be posted on this page. By being updated with all the changes, you can avoid compromising the privacy of your personal data as well.