Healthy Fruit SaladEating healthy is not a lifestyle. It’s more of a choice.

I’ll admit, I used to make terrible choices in eating. I didn’t control my portion sizes and let my cravings take over. It was just a terrible time, my goodness.

I noticed what my poor eating habits were doing to my health and decided to make the silly, notorious choice of nutritious eating. So goodbye to finishing a whole bag of chips and hello to eating more veggies and fruits!

To be honest, taking the first step to changing my life was difficult, but I’m sure feeling happier and sexier than ever! I want to help other people feel the same way as me. That is why I created sinocnet.com! A place that helps others unleash their hidden sexiness and happiness through healthy alternatives and dieting tips.

So go ahead and have fun checking out my site.

Laura Pettigrew